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@pavoljuhas pavoljuhas released this Feb 9, 2017

Changes since v1.1.1

  • Fix focusing issue on the phase panel.
  • Prevent forced isotropy of Uij-s for new atoms.
  • Add convenience script for debugging unit tests.
  • Require matplotlib 1.x as conda dependency.
  • Disclaim compatibility with Python 2.6.

Release is also available at

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@pavoljuhas pavoljuhas released this Apr 1, 2016

Changes since v1.1

  • Create desktop application shortcut on Windows.
  • Remove redundant test function.
  • Fix problems with focusing cell parameter fields on Win 7.
  • Move PhaseNotebookPanel test to a separate file.
  • Fix thread-related plotting crash on Linux.
  • Remove redundant calls of wx.InitAllImageHandlers.
  • Small corrections to README text.
  • Remove long-dead server-engine code.
  • Remove the obsolete PyAUI module.
  • Clean up unused variables and starred imports in the code.
  • Suggest basename.fgr when exporting PDF.

Release is also available at

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@pavoljuhas pavoljuhas released this Mar 4, 2016

Changes since version 1.0-r3067 tagged as svn3067

  • Include built-in tests in PDFgui installation.
  • Fix r-grid_interpolation for termination effects near robs limits.
  • Make wx.aui the default aui.
  • Fix use of CIF-defined space group for symmetry constraints.
  • Add "Select Atoms" menu for Phase configure and constraints panels.
  • Add "menu" keyboard shortcut for displaying context menu.
  • Add "/" hotkey for atom selection.
  • Remove delete key shortcut on tree control.
  • Fix false errors from textbox validators.
  • After fit scroll results textbox to the end.
  • Display error message when configuration file cannot be saved.
  • Avoid getting locked in the program by on-exit errors.
  • Use consistent numbering of parameters generated by SymmetryConstraints.
  • Update symmetry constraints after supercell expansion.
  • Removed limit on the maximum number of phases in the GUI.
  • Avoid zero values after grid-interpolation of dGobs.
  • Improve plot-data export to group together y-arrays that have the same x.
  • Improve extraction of temperatures from file names in temperature series.
  • Add facility for running unit tests for the PDFgui dependencies.
  • Update icons and GUI code for wx >= 2.9 and Mac OS X.
  • Use git tags for version information.
  • Use default fitrmin=0.5.
  • Improve processing of version metadata.
  • Remove unused imports and unused local variables.
  • Fix unreadable black text-boxes on Mac OS X.
  • Add build recipe for Anaconda package.
  • Activate travis testing and coverage reports.
  • Add README badges for travis and code coverage status.
  • Update to standard Google Groups URLs.
  • Fix missing plot toolbar on Mac OS X.
  • Fix plot-coordinates background color on Mac.
  • Fix failure to quit when error happens in some exit routine.
  • Support project files located in Unicode paths.
  • Support accented characters in node names.
  • Fix errors on Windows when deleting fit nodes.
  • Recommend Anaconda for Python 2.7.
  • Remove no-operation that caused Unicode errors.
  • Fix bond dialog error due to str function called on Unicode strings.
  • Update documentation, recommend to install with Anaconda.

Release is also available at

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Mar 2, 2016
Release 1.1a2
Changes since v1.1a1

* Extract exact version from a tagged git archive.
* Remove unused imports and unused local variables.
* Exclude development files from a git-archive package.
* Remove unused attribute toolTips.
* Avoid using wx.NullColour for standard background.
* Add Anaconda build recipe for all platforms.
* Activate travis testing and coverage reports.
* Add README badges for travis status and coverage.
* Add Windows start menu in conda recipe.
* Convert README to RST format.
* Fix build number and release year in the about dialog.
* Update URL-s in the README file and in manual.
* Fix matplotlib toolbar on Mac.
* Adjust plot-coordinates background color on Mac.
* Ignore raw exceptions when quitting.
* Add QuotedConfigParser to handle unicode paths.
* Support accented characters in node names.
* Use UTF-8 encoding for the manual sources.
* Update installation section in the manual.
* Comment out import of unused ServerPanel class.
* Update what-is-new section in the manual.
* Replace Makefile variable EQSKIP with EQBUILD.
* Update the publish target in manual Makefile.
* Update HTML manual.

@pavoljuhas pavoljuhas released this Feb 22, 2016

Archival release for hosting the old installer files on GitHub.

  • diffpy-1.0-r3067.exe – Windows self extracting installer
  • diffpy-1.0-r3067.tgz – tarball for Linux and Mac OS


8d13ee1a7e0910cf8567eec04b6911da  diffpy-1.0-r3067.exe
506faa3a22d0ed935481fd50825bcae9  diffpy-1.0-r3067.tgz
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Nov 1, 2015
Pre-release 1.1 alpha 1.
Apr 24, 2014
draft release 1.1 alpha
Nov 7, 2013
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