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A base library for TYPO3 extensions.
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Classes Avoid deprecation calls in TYPO 9.5 Sep 5, 2019
Documentation Version 1.9.2 Feb 6, 2019
action js footer files can be excluded from compression Jan 25, 2019
cache fix some sq warnings Nov 16, 2018
filter Remove workaround for T3 6.2 Mar 16, 2019
maps deactived wec_map integration for now. Jul 11, 2019
misc [!!!][TASK] Drop XCLASS snippet May 14, 2018
mod cleanup always return a value Aug 14, 2019
model [BUGFIX] Remove return values from contructors Aug 3, 2018
plot #126 fixed environment class Jun 26, 2019
res Autocorrect php coding standard to PSR-2 Apr 28, 2017
sv1 Apply fixes from StyleCI Aug 8, 2018
tests bugfix add compatibility to add cache hash calc configurations in TYP… Aug 14, 2019
view fix phpdoc Jul 1, 2019
.gitattributes remove tests export ignore temporary Apr 10, 2018
.gitignore add sonarcube properties files Nov 16, 2018
.travis.yml Version 1.10.6 Sep 2, 2019 travis ci build badge added Dec 13, 2018
class.tx_rnbase.php bugfix cast to array for unit tests May 7, 2019
class.tx_rnbase_parameters.php bugfix added missing return statement Feb 18, 2019
composer.json Merge branch 'migration_to_95' Jun 26, 2019
ext_autoload.php autoload entry for config processor Mar 16, 2019
ext_conf_template.txt better explanation Feb 2, 2017
ext_icon.gif simple new extension icon Jun 2, 2015
ext_tables.php Autocorrect php coding standard to PSR-2 Apr 28, 2017
locallang.xml Autocorrect php coding standard to PSR-2 Apr 28, 2017
phpunit.xml add phpunit.xml with the phpunit config Dec 20, 2018 fix some sq warnings Nov 16, 2018


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What is this extension for?

This is a base library to develop extensions for Content Management System TYPO3. It is based and includes many code of extension "lib". I wrote this extension because I don't like the code design of "lib". For my taste there is too much inheritance, too much dependency and unclear responsibilities between the used classes.

So what is changed?


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