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.NET web application for digital peace talks
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DPT-Web .NET web application for digital peace talks

This repository contains the web application for Digital Peace Talks. The application is developed in .NET framework 4.1 and used visual studio 2017 for deployment

Steps for deployment of web application

  1. Using Digital Peace Talks solution folder Download the Digital Peace Talks solution folder Open the solution using Visual Studio 2017 Run the Project in Visual studio to debug the web application in local server In the Build menu, select 'Publish Digital Peace Talks' Select the deploy destination server
  2. Using Digital Peace Talks publish folder Download the Digital Peace Talks Publish folder Copy the folder content to www folder of the windows server IIS must be installed in the windows server before deployment In order to migrate the application to a common platform, respective web APIs can be developed and uploaded. Also the developers of funcionalities used in the web application are required to provide the respective APIs.

License term agreement The source code of the Digital Peace Talks web application is developed and managed by ictcodes Pvt. Ltd ( for

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