A simple and fast class framework for easy inheritance!
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name:	    ds.min.js		
version:    0.2a
date:	    02/28/2015	
author:     digital-synapse

 A very fast class framework. Allows OOP concepts in javascript including classes, inheritance, multi-inheritance, polymophism, interfaces, and enumerators without using TypeScript. Provides scope isolation via dependency injection in modules, controllers, and factories. Also very small at only 3 kb for the minified version. (compare that to prototypejs minified 93.38 kb)

.: Getting Started :.

To get started grab ds.min.js (This is the minified oop library)
Then head on over to the wiki @ http://github.com/digital-synapse/ds.oop/wiki to view the guide and documentation.

.: New Features :.

- dependency injection
- support for modules, factories, and controllers
- namespaces removed (replaced with modules) 
- constructorless classes and static classes

.: Support :.

If you like this project or have some questions feel free to send me an email:

    digital.synapse.software [ಠ_ಠ] gmail.com