Malformity is a Maltego project based on the Canari framework for malicious binary and infrastructure research.
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1.0 Introduction

Malformity is a Maltego project based upon the Canari Framework. Using this framework greatly simplifies the process of installing local transforms in Maltego.

The project directory structure is as follows:

  • src/Malformity directory is where all your stuff goes in terms of auxiliary modules that you may need for your modules
  • src/Malformity/transforms directory is where all your transform modules should be placed.
  • src/Malformity/transforms/common directory is where you can put some common code for your transforms like result parsing, entities, etc.
  • src/Malformity/transforms/common/ is where you define your custom entities.
  • maltego/ is where you can store your Maltego entity exports.

If you're going to add a new transform in the transforms directory, remember to update the __all__ variable in src/Malformity/transforms/ Otherwise, canari install-package won't attempt to install the transform. Alternatively, canari create-transform <transform name> can be used within the src/Malformity/transforms directory to generate a transform module and have it automatically added to the file.

2.0 Installing Malformity

2.1 - Supported Platforms

Malformity has been tested on Mac OSX. Transforms are written in Python version 2.7.

2.2 - Requirements

In order to make full use of Malformity, the setup script will download additional modules.

If for some reason these fail, requirements are:

  • Canari 0.9
  • Mechanize 0.2.5
  • BeautifulSoup 3.2.1
  • requests 1.2.0

2.3 - Installation

$ sudo python install

After completing setup, the command below can be used to install Malformity in Maltego.

$ canari install-package Malformity

For Tungsten users:

$ canari create-profile Malformity

This will create a .mtz in the working directory, which can then be imported in to Maltego

3.0 Credits

Special thanks is due to the following people:

  • Nadeem Douba - For creating the Canari framework and offering great support
  • ohdae - For allowing us to include his entity set in Malformity


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