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BrowserBible v3

Bible software that runs in the browser. See for recent updates.

Building Texts

Before BrowserBible is ready for deployment, the texts that will be deployed with it must be built. To build texts, first install the dependencies:

npm install

and then run:

npm run build:content

(nodejs >= 4 is required here.)

This will read the texts data from input/ and build the files that BrowserBible will use to show and search texts and place them in app/content/texts/.

Now you can open app/index.html in the browser.

Adding Bibles and other Texts

To add texts:

  1. Create a folder under input/MyNewVersion/
  2. Create a info.json file in that folder with the id, name, language, information.
  3. Put content in the folder (currently USFM files and bibles from
  4. Run npm run build:content

Build (minify)

To create a "build" version, you'll need uglify-js

  1. Install dependencies (if you haven't already): npm install
  2. Rename app/js/core/config-custom-example.js to app/js/core/config-custom.js and update configs to your needs
  3. Run npm run build (creates build files to use with index-build.html)