A basic Front End editor using Aloha Editor for MODX Revolution
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h1. Install
- Fetch a package from the big Downloads button to the top right, or run the build script on your own installation and install the package through the package manager.
- Put a snippet call into your template somewhere, make sure it is uncached so that your manager users are the only ones that see any of this AlohaX stuff.
- Pass a list of fields, comma separated in the &fields variable. Try pagetitle and content to get started. '*' will work but won't play nice yet...
- Wrap your editable fields inside an HTML element with the exact same name as the field you want to make editable. e.g.:
- Load the page, hover the element and click into it to begin editing. For quicker editing see 'saveOnBlur' option here.
- Report issues on github, or fork it if you are 1337.

h1. TODO:
- Listen to feedback, fix bugs
- Make into a package for n00b install
- Add english lexicon to the image plugin

AholaX is licensed under the GPL v2 (or later) license. The entire license can be found in core/components/AholaX/docs/license.txt.