PHP script to ingest large video files to Fedora directly.
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Fedora Video Ingesting Script


This is a php script developed to ingest large video file (>2G) to fedora repository using Fedora REST API directly without Islandora. PHP version > 5.3.0 with libcurl library.

Available arguments

  • user : fedora username (required)
  • pass : fedora user password (required)
  • url : fedora REST API url, such as ttp://localhost:8080 (required)
  • ns : the namespace of the target collection on Islandora (required)
  • cmodel : the PID of the Islandora Content Model, can be either islandora:sp_videoCModel or islandora:oralhistoriesCModel (required)
  • collection : the PID of the target collection on Islandora (required)
  • target : the absolute directory path on the server which holds all ready-for-ingest files (required)
  • log : the absolute directory path on the server to write the log file (optional)
  • email : the email address to receive the log file when the job is done. The server must support php mail() function (optional)

Folder structure of ready-for-ingest files

  • top-ingest-folder/
    • ingest-object-1/
      • video2.mp4
      • mods.xml
      • tn1.jpg or tn1.png
    • ingest-object-2/
      • video2.mp4
      • mods.xml
      • tn2.jpg or tn2.png

The script will ingest two video objects to the target collection with above folder structure.

Example usage:

 $php fedora_ingest.php user=fedoraAdmin pass=fedoraPassword url=http://this/fedora/URL ns=demo cmodel=islandora:sp_videoCModel \
  collection=demo:collection target=/absolute/path/to/top-ingest-folder log=/absolute/path/to/ingest/directory