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A signature documentation tool for Standard ML

Sigdoc is a command-line tool (named sigdoc) for generating HTML documentation for Standard ML signatures. It takes as arguments a set of signature files, containing single signatures, and a set of implementation files. Sigdoc scans the signature files to obtain the set of signature identifiers. Then, for each signature identifier, the tool generates a documentation page with documentation for each specified identifier. Also, the tool scans the implementation files for structure identifiers, identifying implementations of the signatures and generates a documentation page with an index over structure identifiers (with links to the signature documentation).

The generated HTML documentation embeds an auto-completing search field that depends on the jquery library placed in the jslib/ subdirectory. For the generated code to work, copy the content of the jslib/ directory into the target directory for the documentation.

Based on the file paths, the tool also tries to identify if the signature or structure stem from an smlpkg package, and if so, a link to the package is embedded in the generated HTML documentation.

The result of running sigdoc on a series of (signature and implementation) files, is a set of files written to the working directory.

Signatures within files must conform to the following snippet structure:

(** Header

General comment, which may be multi-line or empty...


signature A = sig
  type a
  val b : a -> unit


[type a] is a type.

[b a] returns unit.


This last entry can be omitted. Also, above it is
possible to include text-blocks using indentation and
it is possible to refer to exception specifications,
structure specifications, include specifications, and
datatype specifications.

Structure declarations within files are documented if they take one of the following forms:

(** SigDoc *)
structure A : B ...

(** SigDoc *)
structure A :> B ...

In both cases B must be an identified signature identifier. A structure declaration that occur first in a file (perhaps after a single comment) is also documented provided the ascribed signature identifier identifies a signature in the provided files.


bash-3.2$ ./sigdoc
Usage: sigdoc [-libpath p] [-about f] [-logo s]
              [-pkg f] FILES

 -libpath p : specify the path to the js-library and
              style files, relative to the working
 -about f   : specify a file with HTML to embed in an
			  About tab.
 -logo s    : specify html that presents a logo.
 -pkg f     : specify path to smlpkg package file to
			  read package versions from.
FILES include .sml and .sig files, which may contain
signatures and structures.
For further information, please consult the Sigdoc
documentation at