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Simple and powerful web filter for HTTP and HTTPS traffic
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Web Safety for Squid

Web Safety is an ICAP web filter that integrates with existing Squid proxy server and provides rich content and web filtering functionality to sanitize Internet traffic passing into internal home/enterprise network.

Main features of the application are:

  • filters encrypted HTTPS traffic using Squid's SSL-Bump and Peek-n-Splice techologies
  • blocks pornography and explicit (adult) contents by deep inspecting HTML contents and URLs (like Dansguardian)
  • scans downloaded files for viruses (using eCAP ClamAV module)
  • blocks file downloads
  • performs group based web filtering (e.g. adults or admins are not filtered, kids or office workers are filtered extensively)
  • controls web usage by categories (e.g. social networks are not allowed, explicit material is not allowed for childred)
  • removes annoying web ads
  • protects online privacy by disallowing access to web trackers

Web Safety runs on modern versions of CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu Linux, providing comprehensive web filtering solution easily manageble from Web UI. Older version of the application run on FreeBSD (pfSense) and Raspberry PI.

More information at

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