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An eye blink detector in python + opencv
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Dilawar Singh
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This project has moved to opencv version 3.0.0 or higher.

  • opencv-python
  • gnuplotlib. Use the command sudo pip install gnuplotlib
  • gnuplot

gnulotlib may not work on python3.

First frame of video/camera is presented to the user to select the box where your eyes it. Use mouse to left-click at a point, drag the cursor to another point, and release the left-button. You won't see a box unless you are done dragging. Once box is visible press q. The process will start.

Process a given video for blinks. Very fast.

  1. python -f video_file.webm
  2. Select a region on frame where eye it.
  3. Let it run till video is over. A csv files will be produced with blink location. Two algorithms are used: one based on edge detection and other one is based on couting dark-pixals.

Gui version of Only for testing and demo purposes. Very slow.

Process the live feed from given camera index ( default 0 ). Only for demo purpose.

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