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Dilithium Core integration/staging repository


Dilithium is a cutting edge cryptocurrency, with many features not available in most other cryptocurrencies.

  • Proof-of-stake (PoS) network consensus with low transaction fees & environmental footprint.
  • Anonymized transactions & consensus using the Zerocoin Protocol and zPoS.
  • Masternode technology used to secure the network and provide additional features, each Masternode is secured with collateral of 1000 XDH.
  • Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transactions, we call it SwiftX.
  • Decentralized blockchain voting utilizing Masternode technology to form a DAO. The blockchain will distribute monthly treasury funds based on successful proposals submitted by the community and voted on by the DAO.


Dilithium is an exciting new project designed to shape how augmented reality data is delivered. By abandoning monolithic silo applications in favor of widgetized content, the Dilithium Display Manager will allow multiple content providers to share the Augmented Reality screen space by providing micro-services to create a unique and customizable user experience.

The Dilithium Economic Platform will then provide an accounting mechanism to support pay-per-use and subscription models to compensate providers for their content and services.

Dilithium Coin (XDH) is the foundation of the Dilithium Ecosystem. Managed by a highly experienced and active team with years of blockchain experience, XDH uses established proof of stake 3.0 consensus algorithms with masternodes to secure the network. The XDH project team plans to develop and deploy a next generation masternode network that will include long living masternode quorums within the year. These features will make up the Dilithium proof of service system; enabling masternode network nodes to become true workhorses for delivery of advanced features to network users.

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