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Deploy to Netlify

Setup Instructions

You can clone this repo with git clone

npm install from the cloned repo. Before running the dev server or build, make sure to install Lamdera (see below).

npm start starts the dev server with hot reloading.

npm run build builds the app for production.

Install Lamdera

elm-pages 3.0 uses the lamdera compiler, which is a superset of the Elm compiler with some extra functionality to automatically serialize Elm types to Bytes.

Debugging Lamdera Errors

Sometimes Lamdera will give compiler errors due to corrupted dependency cache. These messages will display a note at the bottom:



Note: Sometimes `lamdera reset` can fix this problem by rebuilding caches, so
give that a try first.

Be sure to use lamdera reset to reset the caches for these cases. See more info about that in the Lamdera docs:


Check out the Package Docs. You can also use npx elm-pages docs from your project to view the documentation for the RouteBuilder module.

Running Scripts with elm-pages run

  • npm install
  • npx elm-pages run script/src/AddRoute.elm User.Id_, or npx elm-pages run script/src/AddStaticRoute.elm HelloWorld - now you can try out the generator! And you can tweak it, or even define new generator modules in the script/ folder! You can also shorten this command to npx elm-pages run AddRoute User.Id_ if you prefer.