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% A bunch of helpers to help to deal with errors in Elixir source code.
% This is not exposed in the Elixir language.
-export([syntax_error/3, syntax_error/4, inspect/1,
form_error/4, parse_error/4, assert_module_scope/3,
assert_no_function_scope/3, assert_function_scope/3,
handle_file_warning/2, handle_file_error/2]).
%% Handle inspecting for exceptions
inspect(Atom) when is_atom(Atom) ->
case atom_to_list(Atom) of
"__MAIN__." ++ Rest -> list_to_atom(Rest);
_ -> Atom
inspect(Other) -> Other.
%% Raised during macros translation.
syntax_error(Line, Filename, Message) when is_list(Message) ->
syntax_error(Line, Filename, iolist_to_binary(Message));
syntax_error(Line, Filename, Message) when is_binary(Message) ->
raise(Line, Filename, '__MAIN__.SyntaxError', Message).
syntax_error(Line, Filename, Format, Args) ->
Message = io_lib:format(Format, Args),
raise(Line, Filename, '__MAIN__.SyntaxError', iolist_to_binary(Message)).
%% Raised on tokenizing/parsing
parse_error(Line, Filename, _Error, []) ->
raise(Line, Filename, '__MAIN__.TokenMissingError', <<"syntax error: expression is incomplete">>);
parse_error(Line, Filename, Error, Token) ->
BinError = if
is_atom(Error) -> atom_to_binary(Error, utf8);
true -> iolist_to_binary(Error)
BinToken = case Token of
[] -> <<>>;
_ -> iolist_to_binary(Token)
Message = <<BinError / binary, BinToken / binary >>,
raise(Line, Filename, '__MAIN__.SyntaxError', Message).
%% Raised during compilation
form_error(Line, Filename, Module, Desc) ->
Message = iolist_to_binary(format_error(Module, Desc)),
raise(Line, Filename, '__MAIN__.CompileError', Message).
%% Handle warnings and errors (called during module compilation)
handle_file_warning(_Filename, {_Line,sys_core_fold,Ignore}) when
Ignore == nomatch_clause_type; Ignore == useless_building ->
handle_file_warning(Filename, {Line,Module,Desc}) ->
Message = format_error(Module, Desc),
io:format(file_format(Line, Filename, Message) ++ "\n").
handle_file_error(Filename, {Line,Module,Desc}) ->
form_error(Line, Filename, Module, Desc).
%% Assertions
assert_no_function_scope(_Line, _Kind, #elixir_scope{function=[]}) -> [];
assert_no_function_scope(Line, Kind, S) ->
syntax_error(Line, S#elixir_scope.filename, "cannot invoke ~s inside a function", [Kind]).
assert_module_scope(Line, Kind, #elixir_scope{module=[],filename=Filename}) ->
syntax_error(Line, Filename, "cannot invoke ~s outside module", [Kind]);
assert_module_scope(_Line, _Kind, #elixir_scope{module=Module}) -> Module.
assert_function_scope(Line, Kind, #elixir_scope{function=[],filename=Filename}) ->
syntax_error(Line, Filename, "cannot invoke ~s outside function", [Kind]);
assert_function_scope(_Line, _Kind, #elixir_scope{function=Function}) -> Function.
%% Helpers
raise(Line, Filename, Kind, Message) ->
Stacktrace = erlang:get_stacktrace(),
erlang:raise(error, { Kind, '__exception__', Message, iolist_to_binary(Filename), Line }, Stacktrace).
file_format(Line, Filename, Message) ->
lists:flatten(io_lib:format("~ts:~w: ~ts", [Filename, Line, Message])).
format_error([], Desc) ->
io_lib:format("~p", [Desc]);
format_error(Module, Desc) ->
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