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LE2M is a software dedicated to experimental economics. It is developed with the Python language. The graphical user interface (GUI) is developed with Qt4. The network exchanges are ensured by the twisted library and the data are stored in a sqlite database, with the SQLAlchemy library.


Install Python 2.7 and [PyQt4] ( For PyQt4 be careful to select the version for Python 2.7. Then install a Microsoft C++ compiler for Python 2.7 (this is for twisted, the network library). After that, open a DOS console and write the following lines (one by one):

  • pip install twisted
  • pip install sqlalchemy
  • pip install numpy
  • pip install matplotlib
  • pip install pandas

Python 2.7 is already installed, but if not, install it. Then in a console, just write sudo apt-get install python-qt4 python-twisted python-sqlalchemy python-numpy python-pandas python-matplotlib


Put LE2M in a shared directory on the server. Then configure the server by editing the file le2m/configuration/, in particular the IP of the server. Create a shortcut of and put this shortcut on the clients' computers (take care to change C:\... to \\server... (windows) or /home/... to smb://server/... (linux)) in order the shortcut to point to the file through the network.

Additional informations: