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  • Default normalizers
  • Normalizer Chaining
  • Ability to change the default attribute normalization.


  • ActiveModel ORM added
  • Fix for :with option getting dropped when normalizing several attributes


  • Remove normalization on read in preference of presenters
  • RSpec matcher included
  • Preconfigured normalization blocks for reuse across classes/attributes


  • Re-factored to use ‘super’ calls so that so that we don’t break any other gems/plugins or the call chain in general


  • Alias normalize_attribute to normalize_attributes for syntactical sugar based on suggestion here
  • Use calls to super for attribute setting to avoid bypassing other plugins and gems and issues with calling reload on the model. Myron Marston


  • Documentation fixes and updates.
  • Rspec fixes and updates.
  • Take the existing code that is a rails plugin only and turn it into a proper Ruby gem hosted over at Gemcutter