Small (one-file) HTTP daemon for NodeMCU, controlling the lights in DSL.
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Small HTTP server for NodeMCU

This small webserver supports the following HTTP verbs/methods:

  • GET returns the contents of a file in flash
  • PUT creates a new file in flash
  • DELETE remove the file from flash
  • POST executes the given lua script (may return a function that receives the payload)
  • OPTIONS returns minimal CORS headers allowing POST from any origin


Clone the project and edit the Wi-Fi settings in init.lua. You can use the shell script up or execute the following:

$ python nodemcu-uploader/ upload init.lua httpserver.lua

This assumes you've cloned the nodemcu-uploader project (use --recursive) as well, which is added as a submodule:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

After uploading, connect the serial console (screen /dev/ttyUSB0 9600 under most *nix flavors) and reboot the device. The device will print its IP address in the console.


Once those files have been uploaded you can manage your device with curl, for example to PUT new files on flash:

curl --upload-file example.lua http://serial.console.shows.ip/

To reboot your device (for example after uploading a new init.lua or httpserver.lua) use curl to POST anything to /:

curl --data anything http://serial.console.shows.ip/


  • Need a way to return flash contents/listing vs. index.html