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31 days of Drupal migrations

A demo module created by Mauricio Dinarte (@dinarcon) to explain migrations concepts in Drupal 8/9.

You can read the series online at or buy it as an eBook at There is also a companion video course that goes in depth on many of the topics. It also covers migrating media entities, multi-value and nested paragraphs, URL aliases and metatags, custom process plugins, HTML parsing, updates to migrated data, API credentials handling, recommendations to debug migrations, and more. You can purchase the video course at

List of blog posts

  1. Drupal migrations: Understanding the ETL process
  2. Writing your first Drupal migration
  3. Using process plugins for data transformation in Drupal migrations
  4. Migrating data into Drupal subfields
  5. Using constants and pseudofields as data placeholders in the Drupal migration process pipeline
  6. Tips for writing Drupal migrations and understanding their workflow
  7. Migrating files and images into Drupal
  8. Introduction to migration dependencies in Drupal
  9. Migrating taxonomy terms and multivalue fields into Drupal
  10. Migrating users into Drupal - Part 1
  11. Migrating users into Drupal - Part 2
  12. Migrating dates into Drupal
  13. Migrating addresses into Drupal
  14. Introduction to paragraphs migrations in Drupal
  15. Migrating CSV files into Drupal
  16. Migrating JSON files into Drupal
  17. Migrating XML files into Drupal
  18. Adding HTTP Request Headers and Authentication to remote JSON and XML in Drupal migrations
  19. Migrating Google Sheets into Drupal
  20. Migrating Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Calc files into Drupal
  21. Defining Drupal migrations as configuration entities with the Migrate Plus module
  22. Workflows and benefits of managing Drupal migrations as configuration entities
  23. Using migration groups to share configuration among Drupal migrations
  24. What is the difference between migration tags and migration groups in Drupal?
  25. Executing Drupal migrations from the user interface with Migrate Tools
  26. Understanding the entity_lookup and entity_generate process plugins from Migrate Tools
  27. How to debug Drupal migrations? - Part 1
  28. How to debug Drupal migrations? - Part 2
  29. How to configure XDebug, PHPStorm, and DrupalVM to debug Drupal migrations via Drush commands and the browser?
  30. List of migration related Drupal modules
  31. Introduction to Drupal 8 upgrades

On the website, there are more articles under the migrations tag.

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