Javascript Modular Logging Library
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  Javascript Modular Logging Library
 * Copyright 2011, Jarod Law Ding Yong <>
 * Dual licensed under the MIT or GNU GPL Version 3 licenses.

This logger is different from other loggers available on the net.
It allows you to setup a specific logger for a module, and collect logs history.
It comes with a logger level too.

The logging method is exactly the same as your browser native console, or firebug if you have one.
Supporting Browser: Any Browser with console
*Tips: use firebug-lite if you want a nice view in old browser.

Example Usage:


// Register a module logger, p is now logger for 'App.Login'
var p = JSLog.Register('App.Login');

// Log something, and it will display "[App.Login] something" in your console;

// You can do something as usual:
p.warn('warning!');'info msg');

Log Level:
The Logger comes with 5 level of logging access: 1-5
which coresponding to: 'error', 'warn', 'info', 'debug', 'log'

// You can set your level like this, to display only info message in console

// You can get your current logging level with:

Logging History:
The logger records your logs and you can Dump it later!

// Dump by Module Name

// Dump all modules in nested view

// Selective Dump by filtering module name:
JSLog.Dump();  // Will exclude 'module-name' module

// Clear filter by module name:

// Get assigned filters