Educational C++ code used at SIGGRAPH 2016 Course "Physically Based Sound for Computer Animation and Virtual Environments"
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This project releases the educational C++ code used at the following SIGGRAPH 2016 Course.

Physically Based Sound for Computer Animation and Virtual Environments Doug L. James, Timothy R. Langlois, Ravish Mehra, and Changxi Zheng

The slides and lecture notes can be found on the course webpage. The conference video recording is here.

There are two sub-projects, IsoStuffer and ModalSound.

  1. Given a water-tight triangle surface mesh IsoStuffer construct a volumetric tetrahedral mesh.

  2. ModalSound is a demostration of synthesizing rigid body sounds using the modal sound model. It includes the code of computing stiffness and mass matrices from a volumetric tetrahedral mesh and use the precomputed acoustic multipole coefficients to evaluate the acoustic transfer values at runtime.

Build instructions are given in the respective folders.