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REST server for KitchenSnitch (Haskell)


REST server for the KitchenSnitch project. This server is for accessing the back-end KS database data which is currently stored in a MongoDB instance.

Building and installation

Building the source

$ stack build
$ stack clean

Running in development

$ stack exec ks-rest -- PATH/TO/DIR/CONTAINING/CONF

Tests for this project are a set of shell scripts, not automated, in the testsuite directory. The local running ks-rest server will need to be hooked up to a MongoDB instance for most of these to work.

Building for deployment

Our production servers have so far been Ubuntu, so what follows are instructions for building a .deb file which can be installed with dpkg.

You will need the hsinstall utility version 2.6 or later for this procedure.

If you get an error during compile about zlib.h you may need to install a native library. On Debian-based distros, install zlib1g-dev

Run the script ./util/ and you should see a ks-rest/ks-rest_VER.deb file with the current version. Check the contents if you wish with dpkg-deb -c ... This file can be added to the ks-rest release page on github or distributed however you wish.

If you don't care about making a Debian .deb file, build a deployable directory like this:

$ hsinstall --prefix=ks-rest-VER

Once ks-rest is installed it can be started with

# systemctl enable --now ks-rest

If you must do it without hsinstall, I suggest this:

$ mkdir -p ks-rest/ks-rest_VER/usr/bin
$ stack install --local-bin-path ks-rest/ks-rest_VER/usr/bin

Some of these notes exist in a more detailed form on the developer wiki.


Dino Morelli