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Be able to specify a static key for some set of files (essential if using HTML5 appcache manifest) #33

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cbxp commented Aug 29, 2012

E.g. #{press.compressed-script 'pressed-artifact.js'} and #{press.compressed-stylesheet 'pressed-artifact.css'}

XP added some commits Aug 29, 2012

XP Added support for human readable fixed name of compressed resources -…
… optional argument in #{press.compressed-script 'pressed-artifact.js'} and #{press.compressed-stylesheet 'pressed-artifact.css'}. Useful when one want to add compressed resources for caching by browser, for example in .appcache
XP add media=screen to all compressed tags (until we get a better soluti…
…on either from upstream or implement ourselves) - this is needed to differentiate from media=print stylesheets
XP make sure press works with the play pdf module efdef02

This is essential if you want to be multi-tenant. Press currently locks you into a single server, this would mitigate that problem.


dirkmc commented Jun 10, 2013

Hi merrick, sorry for late response, I was on vacation. The play guys are no longer taking updates to plugins for play version 1, so I'm no longer maintaining this plugin. Thanks for checking this out anyway.

Andrei Solntsev, Anton Keks and others added some commits Feb 18, 2014

Andrei Solntsev, Anton Keks Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dirkmc/press 0e6034e
Andrei Solntsev, Anton Keks use play's VirtualFiles to resolve less imports from modules 032481d
Andrei Solntsev, Anton Keks more effective list clone 3020793
Andrei Solntsev, Anton Keks version bumped to 1.1 b8a9889
Andrei Solntsev, Anton Keks adding build script for jenkins b174c16
Andrei Solntsev, Anton Keks resolve deps from maven instead of keeping them in lib
keep less at 1.3.3 because yuicompressor doesn't work with newer rhino that it requires
Andrei Solntsev, Anton Keks move sources to src so that play will not recompile these classes all…
… the time
@angryziber angryziber use newer yuicompressor 2.4.8 that is not available in maven 3f83990
@angryziber angryziber bugfix: make sure less imports are actually cached b92896b
@angryziber angryziber strip windows CR chars - they seem to break less.js af9e2eb
@angryziber angryziber releasing 1.2.2 with CR newline fix fd9e8c4
@angryziber angryziber releases play 1.3 that can use lessc on the command-line instead of t…
…he built-in Rhino based mega slow less
@angryziber angryziber Play.getVirtualFile() returns null in case file is not found, so we m…
…ust handle this correctly
@angryziber angryziber more logical access modifiers eaf80c2
@angryziber angryziber log less errors properly 5be6d17
@angryziber angryziber reuse press' own compressed file storage for less files (e.g. don't s…
…tore compiled less files in cache if disk storage is enabled)
@angryziber angryziber use virtual files for resolving of import last modified times - other…
…wise we miss inherited files
@angryziber angryziber do not use virtual file ro resolve tmp location for compressed files,…
… so that absolute paths are possible, and put it under tmp by default
@angryziber angryziber use shorter name for compiled less files 34e896d
@angryziber angryziber release play-press 1.3.1 cac12f5
@angryziber angryziber release 1.3.2 without outputting the original filenames and then scan…
…ning the output

use LinkedHashMap instead
@angryziber angryziber enable conf watching for preprod as well 6f4e6d2
@angryziber angryziber support Windows better with cross-platform separator e349c88
@angryziber angryziber bump version 71b648d
Andrei Solntsev, Anton Keks release play-press 1.3.4 with media attribute support 382fe5e
Andrei Solntsev Fixed bug: add "media" attribute also in non-compressing mode; added …
Andrei Solntsev Added test for Plugin.addCss() d056bcd
Andrei Solntsev #{press.single-stylesheet} also supports media attribute; added tests. 617a397
Andrei Solntsev use relative path in unit-tests to make them runnable within other pr…
Andrei Solntsev use relative path in unit-tests to make them runnable within other pr…
Andrei Solntsev fixed unit-test: it should not depend on "Play.mode" that could be se…
…t by another test
@asolntsev asolntsev Fixed IDEA warnings cf34aa7
@asolntsev asolntsev Added test for ScriptCompressor and StyleCompressor 7727813
@asolntsev asolntsev Release play-press 2.0 that uses Google Closure instead of YUI Compre…
…ssor for minifying JavaScript files
@asolntsev asolntsev fixed play-press tests to avoid dependency on test execution order 6c489f1
Andrei Solntsev updated module exclusions dffc79f
@asolntsev asolntsev ignore /dist and /tmp folders 84c4ed9
@asolntsev asolntsev Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
@asolntsev asolntsev ignore /dist and /tmp folders 9fc5170
Andrei Solntsev, Elina Matvejeva Log Play roots if less file is not found e9375d1
Andrei Solntsev, Elina Matvejeva Added test for LESS compilation with Rhino Javascript engine 13d31fe
Andrei Solntsev, Elina Matvejeva upgrade play-press version to 2.1: better logging of missing files 2b59768
@angryziber angryziber add support for precompiled less files on production 47df643
@angryziber angryziber release play 2.2 with support for precompiles less files in prod mode 1b7ae12
@angryziber angryziber make sure PlayLessEngine is not created on every request 5b69833
@angryziber angryziber create PleyLessEngine once, not twice c87cb0c
@angryziber angryziber check for precompiled files in dev as well f2260a9
@angryziber angryziber release 2.2.1 94a4099
@angryziber angryziber add logs a876995
@angryziber angryziber disable debug logs 49aa82b
@asolntsev asolntsev play-press 2.2.4: do not reset play properties d090862
@angryziber angryziber mark press controller with @NoTransaction, so that it will not fail w…
…hen DB is not available
Andrei Solntsev, Elina Matvejeva Properly close resources in finally block e350ce3
@angryziber angryziber get rid of built-in old rhino in yui-compressor (next step - git rid …
…of yui compressor)
@angryziber angryziber Merge branch 'master' of github.com:codeborne/play-press 0b3a45e
@angryziber angryziber release play press 2.3 with stripped yui-compressor (not including ou…
…tdated rhino)
@asolntsev asolntsev play-press 2.3.1: remove mockito dependency (it's part of play framew…
…ork 1.3.x)
@asolntsev asolntsev play-press 2.3.1: package jars/yuicompressor-2.4.8.jar (not declared …
…as dependency, but used in shell-scripts)
Andrei Solntsev, Dmitri Ess play-press 2.2.6: remove mockito jar from zip (as it's test dependency) e94116a
@asolntsev asolntsev Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Andrei Solntsev, Dmitri Ess play-press 2.2.7: bugfix: it's important close OnDiskCompressedFile b…
…ecause it renames tmp file
@asolntsev asolntsev Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' c5aad1d
@angryziber angryziber support for single-quotes in less @import statements ef7012f
Andrei Solntsev, Dmitri Ess play-press 2.2.9: correct usage of slf4j logger d0fc3fc
Kirill Klenski, Anton Keks fixing reloading of child less files - resolve relative virtual paths…
… properly when building a lists of imports
Kirill Klenski, Anton Keks speed up less import resolving ed97f8f
Kirill Klenski, Anton Keks bump version to 2.3 - better reloading of nested less files f120c65
Kirill Klenski, Anton Keks use version 2.3.1 bd46147
Kirill Klenski, Anton Keks bump major version to avoid conflicts with old experimental 2.3 branch f573c61
@angryziber angryziber drop unused file 5808439
@angryziber angryziber make node less engine more configurable f4fc007
@angryziber angryziber play press 2.5 with more configurable node less runner 0d2685d
@angryziber angryziber remove dependencies on yuicompressor and clojure compiler - we compre…
…ss for production during the build
@angryziber angryziber drop bundled outdated less 1.3.3, always default to command-line less…
…c; bump version to 3.0
@angryziber angryziber play tries to resolve tags with .html extension first - renaming so t…
…hey are a bit faster
@angryziber angryziber do not fail in case of absence of lessc in precompiled mode 3d3e950
@angryziber angryziber no need for old newline workaround 0d0c116
@angryziber angryziber make sure lessc errors are properly reported b9747a7
@angryziber angryziber bump version to 3.1 6083c1c
@asolntsev asolntsev Merge branch 'master' of github.com:codeborne/play-press ba58bb6
Andrei Solntsev play-press 3.2: do not clear CSS/JS cache on application restart
production users must be able to use cached resources for a long time
Andrei Solntsev run tests with every build ebfb6f9
@asolntsev asolntsev fix failing unit-tests in play-press module 51ea8e5
@asolntsev asolntsev fix failing unit-tests in play-press module 837233c
@asolntsev asolntsev do not delete test reports in the end of build 5152521
@asolntsev asolntsev play-press 3.3: log key in case of error 8c06c18
@asolntsev asolntsev play-press 3.3: code cleanup 6aeb093
@asolntsev asolntsev play-press 3.3: report file name and exit code in case of lessc error 58118c3
@asolntsev asolntsev play-press 3.3: do not return "debug" CSS file with error description…
… to avoid caching it in live
@asolntsev asolntsev ignore tmp files 5251354
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