Example of locking down an NSURLConnection to a specific set of CAs on iOS/Cocoa
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Quick example of securing a connection to an SSL (https) endpoint.

But rather than lock down to the (annual expiring) certificate of 
the server - we lock the connection down to a root CA; and then
accept any certificte signed by this root CA.

To test:

-   Build the application and/or run the 'Create Certs' target once.

The latter will create a root->intermediate->server chain. 

-   The ca.der and proxy.conf files should now appear.

ca.der will be hard-coded into your application; while the generated
proxy.conf is needed by your server.

Wire this into your local apache - see the instructions at the start 
of the proxy.conf file.

Restart apache.

You now have a server running on https://localhost:8443/. Your browser
should not trust this server - as it is unware of the ca.der file.

Run the app. Study the output for details.

Adding this to your own apps:

Create a suitable CA chain for your server.

Take the PinnedHTTPSConnection - modify it to suit your needs; and then add
your CA.der to the resource building.

-   You can in fact simply use a self-signed cert for your server without
    any chain ado. In this case - just add the server public cert to the
    the resource bundle of the app*.
    However this means that a compromise or an expiry means you have
    to re-compile and re-distribute your app. Using a CA (with a 10+ year
    livetime) means you can simply re-create and re-sign without
    doung so.
-   Rather than using your own CA - you could also hardcode just the
    CA of your upstream provider. If you trust them not to double-
    cross you - that is nearly as good.
-   You can in fact code/add multiple CA's. It is not a bad idea to do
    so - and keep a 'spare CA' on paper/offline ready in the wings.


* You may need to convert it to DER format with:

    openssl x509 -in server.pem -out server.der -outform DER
  as unlike apache and stunnel - iOS/Cocoa expect DER.

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