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Islandora Handle


Islandora implementation of the Handle Service API used to interact with a Handle Server.



This module requires the following modules/libraries:


Install as usual, see this for further information.


Core Configuration

Accessible at admin/islandora/islandora-handle.

The necessary information to hit the server must be configured, including its URL, Handle prefix to use, and the username and password to authenticate.

Additionally, the canonical public hostname of the server may be specified to avoid potential issues dealing with Handles when accessing the site via non-canon domains.

There's also a "debug mode", to permit the various API function to be called without the need for a real Handle server.

Content Model Configuration

Accessible at admin/islandora/islandora-handle/content-models.

The storage of generated Handles on objects is facilitated via XSLTs which datastreams, targeted by datastream ID and content model. The Handle URL is provided to XSLTs in the handle_value parameter. XSLTs will typically copy all the existing elements of the existing XML, inserting the desired element to store the Handle URL in the process.

To create a new association, select --Add a Handle association--. It it then possible enter the datastream ID to target ("Datastream name"), the model for which this association applies ("Content model name"), and the select the XSLT which will take the handle_value and insert it into the given datastream. It is possible to upload additional XSLTs via the "Upload an XSL" fieldset at the bottom of the form.

NOTE: It is not necessary to create an association for the DC datastream: When another datastream is configured, it will be added to the DC automatically.

Similarly, it is possible to modify existing associations by selecting them in the "Select a content model" dropdown. Modifying existing associations can allow you to have the Handle URL stored in multiple datastreams. It is also possible to remove associations, after selecting them.


Having problems or solved a problem? Contact discoverygarden.


Current maintainers:


If you would like to contribute to this module, please check out our helpful Documentation for Developers info, Developers section on and contact discoverygarden.