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Sigfox communication with a sx1276 radio module on a Murata module
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SX1276 / Sigfox on Murata module example code

This example code is demonstrating how to implement a sigfox communication on a Murata CMWX1ZZABZ module (stm32 + sx1276). This example is based on Disk91 IoT SDK repository where the driver code is.

The hardware configuration has been set with CubeMX.

You can get details on this example in the related blog post on


** Ready **



Watch the setup video for getting started (select HD display). This video is about the LoRaWan example but the principles are the same.

Alt text

  1. Clone this repository and open it with AC6 environment See here on how to install it

  2. Clone the Disk91 STM32 IoT SDK repository in the Project root directory to add the needed sdk dependencies. This project has been tested & refied with SDK Version 1.5


  • A console for debug is accessible on USART2 @ 115000 ; the sigfox stack trace are activated
  • A console for configuration is accessible on USART1 @ 9600 ; type "?" to access the command. "changeme" to access the private extension to modify the configuration.


This code and ItSdk are under GPLv3. You can use it freely, you can modify, redistribute but you must to publish your source code. Other licenses can be obtained by contacting me on

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