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Educational 2D drawing canvas on top of Gosu and TexPlay.
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Latest commit 1297318 Dimitry Solovyov Version 0.6.2; depends on TexPlay 0.4.x


Panda Canvas

Panda Canvas is an educational 2D drawing canvas on top of Gosu and TexPlay.

It is created as a teaching tool for the Computer Club n.a. 8-bit Panda.


Panda Canvas is available as a gem:

$ gem install panda_canvas

Known Problems

Running an endless draw block is not possible on Windows. In a unix environment Panda Canvas uses fibers to pause the draw block in the Gosu game loop on flush. With tested Gosu and Ruby versions on Windows this results in a segfault. So, instead of fibers, the block must be run once and complete to capture all of the canvas calls before drawing on screen.


Take a look at the wiki.

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