The DITA Open Toolkit is an implementation of the OASIS DITA specification.
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DITA Open Toolkit Build Status Slack

The DITA Open Toolkit, or DITA-OT for short, is an open-source publishing engine for XML content authored in the Darwin Information Typing Architecture.

See for documentation, information about releases, and download packages.

For information on additional DITA and DITA-OT resources, see SUPPORT.


To build and use DITA-OT, you’ll need:

  • Java Development Kit 8 or newer


  1. Clone the DITA-OT Git repository:

     git clone git://
  2. Move to the DITA-OT directory:

     cd dita-ot
  3. Fetch the submodules:

     git submodule update --init --recursive
  4. In the root directory, run Gradle to compile the Java code and install plugins:



  1. Run the dita command to generate output:

     src/main/bin/dita [options]

    See the documentation for arguments and options.


  1. In the root directory, set up build environment:

  2. Build distribution packages:

     ./gradlew dist

    Distribution packages are built in the build/distributions directory.

    If Gradle throws an error like java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space, you probably need to increase the maximum Java heap size. One way to do this is to set the GRADLE_OPTS environment variable to a value like -Xmx1024m.

    For more information on the -Xmx option, see the Java SE Documentation.


The DITA Open Toolkit is licensed for use under the Apache License 2.0.