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mention cms_toolbar in templatetags docs
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ojii committed Aug 8, 2011
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@@ -411,4 +411,20 @@ If the current url has no cms-page and is handled by a navigation extender and
the url changes based on the language: You will need to set a language_changer
function with the set_language_changer function in cms.utils.
-For more information, see :doc:`i18n`.
+For more information, see :doc:`i18n`.
+.. templatetag:: cms_toolbar
+The ``cms_toolbar`` templatetag will add the needed css and javascript to the
+sekizai blocks in the base template. The templatetag should be placed somewhere
+within the body of the HTML (within ``<body>...</body>``).
+ <body>
+ {% cms_toolbar %}
+ ...

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