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WordPress to Zinnia

Wordpress2zinnia is package allowing you to migrate from WordPress to Zinnia.


  • Install the package on your system:

    $ pip install wordpress2zinnia
  • Register the 'zinnia_wordpress' in your INSTALLED_APPS.

Importing from Wordpress

Once you have the XML file of your export, you simply have to do this.

$ python wp2zinnia path/to/your/wordpress-export.xml

This command will associate the post's authors to User and import the tags, categories, post and comments.

For the options execute this.

$ python help wp2zinnia

From Zinnia to WordPress

We also provides a command for exporting your Zinnia blog to WordPress in the case you want to migrate on it.

Simply execute this command:

$ python zinnia2wp > export.xml

Once you have the XML export, you can import it into your WordPress site.