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A list of our Community Tasks

This is an overview of all the tasks in the django CMS community. As you can see, we need help on all fronts. Whether it's content creation or user support. Any help is welcome. Would you like to present your django CMS project? Then create a case study together with us. Are you an expert in a field and would like to share your knowledge with others? Then start a workshop series and teach other people. Or do you like writing blog articles and would like to draw the attention of a large readership to a topic related to django CMS? Then publish your article on our website.

Community Tasks

  • Help with django CMS development and join a workgroup
    • django CMS 4.0 (Slack: #workgroup-django-cms-4-0 | Tech Brief)
    • CKEditor5 (Slack: #workgroup-ckeditor5 | Tech Brief)
    • Project template (Slack: #workgroup-project-template | Tech Brief)
    • djangocms-transfer evolution (Slack: #workgroup-pages-import-export | Proposal)
    • boostrap4 / responsive grid improvements (Issue)
    • Release Management (Slack: #workgroup-release-management | Tech Brief)
    • Pull Request Review (Slack: #workgroup-pr-review)
    • Documentation (Slack: #workgroup-documentation)
    • more workgroups
  • Create Content for django CMS and release it on
    • (Guest) Blog Article: Write a (guest) blog article about a django CMS related topic and publish it on our website. Drive a lot of traffic not only to our website but also to your project
    • (Video) Tutorials: Create a new video tutorial for django CMS beginners and replace our most clicked video on Youtube. Many thousand of people will thank you.
    • How to Guide: Make it easier for django CMS beginners to get started by writing a How To Guide for a django CMS topic.
    • Case Study: Help us showcase the potential django CMS has for others, and increase awareness of your project, by sharing a case study of your lighthouse project.
    • Webinars: Host a webinar and present your project or a topic of your choice to the django CMS community.
  • Help us with user support and make django CMS a compelling experience for our user base
  • Review Pull Requests on Github and decide with us in which direction django CMS moves.
  • Host a workshop

How to sign up for a task

  1. Choose a community task

  2. Sign up for the task

  3. Get onboarded and start with the task

  4. Become a Community Hero

Our Community Heros

These are the amazing people who contribute to the django CMS project

Contribute to django CMS and win rewards!

After you have decided to contribute, you should take a look at our Developer Bounty Program.