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GoCardless package for django-oscar

This is a work in progress - not ready for production yet. It also depends on the forthcoming version of oscar (0.2) which hasn't been released yet.


GoCardless provide payments straight from customer's bank accounts using the Direct Debit system. A typical integration involves redirecting the user to GoCardless' site where they enter their bank account details and confirm the transaction.

This library provides integration between GoCardless and django-oscar.


You need to make sure your redirect URI and cancel URIs are set up within your GoCardless dashboard. Only the scheme and domain need to match so you can just put your site URL in there.

Augment your root URLs conf to include:

(r'^gocardless/', include('oscar_gocardless.urls')),

You'll need to fork the checkout app and override the PaymentDetailsView to call the GoCardless API for handling payment. See the sandbox install for an example of how this can be done.

[Further installation instructions to appear when this library is ready for production]


  • Only the 'one-off bill' transaction has been implemented so far.
  • Webhook handling isn't implemented yet.
  • Refunds aren't possible through the GoCardless API at the moment. These should be handled either through BACS transfers or a cheque payment.


Create a virtualenv, clone repo and install dependencies:

mkvirtualenv oscar-gocardless
git clone git://
cd django-oscar-gocardless
python develop
pip install -r requirements.txt

Set up a sandbox site to play with:

cd sandbox
./ syncdb --noinput
./ migrate
./ oscar_import_catalogue data/books-catalogue.csv

You can test the end-to-end process by adding an item to your basket and then proceeding through checkout. After the preview page, you'll be redirected to the GoCardless 'sandbox' site where you can use the following account details to complete an order:

Account number -  55779911
Sort code - 200000


GoCardless integration for django-oscar




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