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Django Stars Backend Skeleton

Basically django template for project creation that don't need django to start a project.

How to use

Create new project

  1. open terminal
  2. copy curl | bash
  3. paste
  4. hit enter
  5. answer the questions

Create new application

Project created with help of this skeleton has overwritten startapp command that will create application with given name. Template will be choisen automatically based on your settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

Template features

Base teamplate

  • Django project formatted according to Django Stars Code Style requirements
  • django-environ to keep all configuration in environment
  • psycopg2 as default database driver
  • django-extensions/ipython/ipdb for debug purposes
  • pytest with pylava for testing
  • redefined startapp command to create app according to Django Stars Code Style requirements

Django REST Framework

add DRF to base template


add Celery to base template

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