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Fixed #3472 -- Don't BASE64-encode UTF-8 (or ASCII) email messages.

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1 parent befbd82 commit 21a2ca6a2121bc96edef4212f7ce79e8bb0a8062 @malcolmt malcolmt committed May 3, 2007
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@@ -6,12 +6,17 @@
from email.MIMEText import MIMEText
from email.Header import Header
from email.Utils import formatdate
+from email import Charset
import os
import smtplib
import socket
import time
import random
+# Don't BASE64-encode UTF-8 messages so that we avoid unwanted attention from
+# some spam filters.
+Charset.add_charset('utf-8', Charset.SHORTEST, Charset.QP, 'utf-8')
# Cache the hostname, but do it lazily: socket.getfqdn() can take a couple of
# seconds, which slows down the restart of the server.
class CachedDnsName(object):

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