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timgraham committed Jul 11, 2017
1 parent babe9e6 commit 2457c1866ef3586c56bd19aeaa554e78c1ed1875
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@@ -670,10 +670,10 @@ For example, notice the behavior when querying across a
>>> Author.objects.values_list('name', 'entry__headline')
- [('Noam Chomsky', 'Impressions of Gaza'),
+ <QuerySet [('Noam Chomsky', 'Impressions of Gaza'),
('George Orwell', 'Why Socialists Do Not Believe in Fun'),
('George Orwell', 'In Defence of English Cooking'),
- ('Don Quixote', None)]
+ ('Don Quixote', None)]>
Authors with multiple entries appear multiple times and authors without any
entries have ``None`` for the entry headline.

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