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[1.1.X] Document the fact that we now put dead branches in the attic.…

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@@ -114,14 +114,9 @@ not; in either case there comes a time when the branch is no longer
being actively worked on by any developer. At this point the branch is
considered closed.
-Unfortunately, Subversion has no standard way of indicating
-this. Generally, you can recognize a dead branch by viewing it through
-the web interface, which lists the date of the most recent change to
-the branch. Branches which have gone more than a month or two with no
-activity can usually be assumed to be closed. In the future, the
-layout of branches in the repository may be rearranged to make it
-easier to tell which branches are still active (e.g., by moving closed
-or abandoned branches into the ``django/branches/attic`` directory).
+Unfortunately, Subversion has no standard way of indicating this. As a
+workaround, branches of Django which are closed and no longer
+maintained are moved into the directory ``django/branches/attic``.
For reference, the following are branches whose code eventually became
part of Django itself, and so are no longer separately maintained:
@@ -184,6 +179,9 @@ were never finished:
* ``sqlalchemy``
+All of the above-mentioned branches now reside in
Support and bugfix branches

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