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Fixed #8299 -- Clarified the ModelAdmin.form option. Also added an in…

…ner Meta class to the ModelForm example in adding custom validation to the admin. Thanks jarrow for the report and initial patch.

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14 docs/admin.txt
@@ -72,9 +72,14 @@ Example::
-The default ``forms.ModelForm`` class used to generate the form on the
-add/change pages for models. You can easily change this to your own
-``ModelForm`` to override the default form behavior of the add/change pages.
+By default a ``ModelForm`` is dynamically created for your model. It is used
+to create the form presented on both the add/change pages. You can easily
+provide your own ``ModelForm`` to override any default form behavior on the
+add/change pages.
+For an example see the section `Adding custom validation to the admin`_.
+.. _Adding custom validation to the admin: #adding-custom-validation-to-the-admin
@@ -617,6 +622,9 @@ needed. Now within your form you can add your own custom validation for
any field::
class MyArticleAdminForm(forms.ModelForm):
+ class Meta:
+ model = Article
def clean_name(self):
# do something that validates your data
return self.cleaned_data["name"]

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