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Changed the link the "official tarball" to refer to the 0.91 release …

…and added

a warning about the development version being preferred. Thanks to Todd O'Bryan
for pointing out the misinformation.

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@@ -77,9 +77,9 @@ It's easy either way.
Installing the official version
-1. Download Django-0.92.tar.gz from our `download page`_.
-2. ``tar xzvf Django-0.92.tar.gz``
-3. ``cd Django-0.92``
+1. Download Django-0.91.tar.gz from our `download page`_.
+2. ``tar xzvf Django-0.91.tar.gz``
+3. ``cd Django-0.91``
4. ``sudo python install``
Note that the last command will automatically download and install setuptools_
@@ -89,6 +89,14 @@ connection.
This will install Django in your Python installation's ``site-packages``
+.. note::
+ Due to recent backwards-incompatible changes, it is strongly recommended
+ that you use the development version (below) for any new applications or
+ if you are just starting to work with Django. The 0.91 release is a
+ dead-end branch that is primarily of use for supporting legacy Django
+ applications.
.. _setuptools:
Installing the development version

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