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Added 'Why did you write all of Django from scratch' FAQ question

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@@ -126,6 +126,23 @@ developed precisely because we were unhappy with the status quo, so please be
aware that "because <Framework X>" does it is not going to be sufficient reason
to add a given feature to Django.
+Why did you write all of Django from scratch, instead of using other Python libraries?
+When Django was originally written a couple of years ago, Adrian and Simon
+spent quite a bit of time exploring the various Python Web frameworks
+In our opinion, none of them were completely up to snuff.
+We're picky. You might even call us perfectionists. (With deadlines.)
+Over time, we stumbled across open-source libraries that did things we'd
+already implemented. It was reassuring to see other people solving similar
+problems in similar ways, but it was too late to integrate outside code: We'd
+already written, tested and implemented our own framework bits in several
+production settings -- and our own code met our needs delightfully.
Do you have any of those nifty "screencast" things?
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