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[1.5.x] Fixed #19960 -- Fixed sentence in contrib.auth signals docs

Thanks edd at for the report.
Backport of 6d3b0c3 from master.
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1 parent ed381bd commit d43dfdf4b965bb77edb4631c3710fa423b722b93 @claudep claudep committed Mar 1, 2013
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4 docs/ref/contrib/auth.txt
@@ -346,8 +346,8 @@ Login and logout signals
.. module:: django.contrib.auth.signals
-The auth framework uses two :doc:`signals </topics/signals>` that can be used
-for notification when a user logs in or out.
+The auth framework uses the following :doc:`signals </topics/signals>` that
+can be used for notification when a user logs in or out.
.. function:: user_logged_in

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