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Fixed #12946: Removed an invalid example of url tag usage from the docs.

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kmtracey committed Mar 2, 2010
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@@ -891,12 +891,18 @@ Returns an absolute URL (i.e., a URL without the domain name) matching a given
view function and optional parameters. This is a way to output links without
violating the DRY principle by having to hard-code URLs in your templates::
- {% url arg1,arg2,name1=value1 %}
+ {% url v1,v2 %}
The first argument is a path to a view function in the format
``package.package.module.function``. Additional arguments are optional and
-should be comma-separated values that will be used as positional and keyword
-arguments in the URL. All arguments required by the URLconf should be present.
+should be comma-separated values that will be used as arguments in the URL.
+The example above shows passing positional arguments. Alternatively you may
+use keyword syntax::
+ {% url arg1=v1,arg2=v2 %}
+Do not mix both positional and keyword syntax in a single call. All arguments
+required by the URLconf should be present.
For example, suppose you have a view, ``app_views.client``, whose URLconf
takes a client ID (here, ``client()`` is a method inside the views file

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