Fixed #20034 - Ability to retrieve variables in multipart even before parsing files #1148

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tadeck commented May 19, 2013

This is about Trac ticket no. 20034, alters pull request for #898, verifies it, adds tests and documentation.

The new method variable_complete, if supplied by the file upload handler, works similarly to file_complete and allows to raise StopFutureHandlers if future handlers should not be allowed to parse the variable.

This is my first PR to Django. Please verify if there is something lacking in it. Thanks.

hydrogen18 and others added some commits May 17, 2013
@hydrogen18 hydrogen18 Corrected documentation on the constructor arguments of MultiPartParser c278e56
@aaugustin aaugustin Reorganize committers list chronologically.
This completes the removal of the distinction between core devs and

Patch by Simon Meers.
@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn Merge pull request #1082 from hydrogen18/master
Fixed some documentation on the MultiPartParser
@bmispelon @claudep bmispelon Fixed #20422 -- Applied makemessage's --ignore patterns to full path
Fix makemessage's --ignore patterns being applied to the full path
instead of the file name. Thanks to nnseva for the report and the
original patch.
@apollo13 apollo13 Fixed #20411 -- Don't let invalid referers blow up CSRF same origin c…

Thanks to edevil for the report and saz for the patch.
@claudep claudep Fixed #20356 -- Prevented crash when HTTP_REFERER contains non-ascii
Thanks srusskih for the report and Aymeric Augustin for the review.
@zsiciarz @apollo13 zsiciarz Fixed #20294 -- Documented context processors in TemplateResponseMixin. 0b07416
@aaugustin aaugustin Fixed #20408 -- Clarified that values_list() doesn't return a list.
Thanks marktranchant, bmispelon, and alextreme.
@senko @aaugustin senko Added test for multipart, non form-data POST.
Closes #9054. The bug itself is no longer present.
@jacobb jacobb #20432: Fix for GroupAdmin test 029c690
@jacobb @aaugustin jacobb Fixed #20432 -- Test failure in admin_views.
The failure was triggered by a cache leak.
Shai Berger Fixed #20386 - Introspection problem on Oracle
Made introspection always return a unicode as column name on Oracle.
Thanks aaugustin for review and suggestion to use force_text().
zyegfryed Fixed #20433: Extract catalog compilation code from javascript_catalo…
…g view.
@aaugustin aaugustin Merge pull request #1090 from zyegfryed/ticket_20433
Fixed #20433: extracted catalog compilation code from view.
@aaugustin aaugustin Made test introduced in 566e284 pass on Python 3. 4bed64c
@aaugustin aaugustin Fixed #20402: removed as-limit from uWSGI example.
It can fail in hard-to-diagnose ways.
@dracos @MarkusH dracos Fixed #20235 -- Use self.object_list if object_list not present in ge…
…t_context_data kwargs.

This is so MultipleObjectMixin can be used in the same way as
@erikr erikr Fixed #13546 -- Easier handling of localize field options in ModelForm 756b81d
@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn Merge pull request #1083 from Markush2010/ticket20235
Fixes #20235 - MultipleObjectMixin requires object_list in kwargs
@apollo13 apollo13 Merge pull request #1084 from erikr/master
Fixed #13546 -- Easier handling of localize field options in ModelForm
@claudep claudep Fixed #20269 -- Adapted PostGIS template create script for CentOS/RHEL
Thanks Stephane Benchimol for the report and the initial script and
mfandreas for the patch.
@ambv ambv Fixes #19919: get_language_from_request() disregards "en-us" and "en"…
… languages

when matching Accept-Language
@erikr erikr Fixed argument order for localized_fields to ensure backwards compati…
@aaugustin aaugustin Merge pull request #1100 from ambv/issue19919
Fixed #19919: get_language_from_request() disregards en-us and en
@apollo13 apollo13 Merge pull request #1101 from erikr/master
Fixed argument order for localized_fields to ensure backwards compatibility
@jacobb @aaugustin jacobb Fixed #9595 -- Allow non-expiring cache timeouts.
Also, streamline the use of 0 and None between cache backends.
@dstufft dstufft Merge pull request #1088 from jacobb/upstream
#20432: Fix for GroupAdmin test
@jorgebastida @claudep jorgebastida Fixed #18998 - Prevented session crash when auth backend removed
Removing a backend configured in AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS should not
raise an exception for existing sessions, but should make already
logged-in users disconnect.
Thanks Bradley Ayers for the report.
@claudep claudep Slightly reworked imports in contrib.auth.__init__ 710c59b
@aaugustin aaugustin Merge pull request #1113 from denibertovic/master
Fixed #18761 -- Added whitespace stripping to URLField and SlugField.
@oliviersels @aaugustin oliviersels Fixed #19436 -- Don't log warnings in ensure_csrf_cookie. 63a9555
lechup commented on 92ebb29 May 18, 2013

On what Python did you tried your tests? On my setup I get 4 errors, with 9012833 i18n/ I do not have those errors...

my python==2.7.3

ambv replied May 18, 2013

Both Python 2.7.3 and Python 3.3.1. No errors, nobody during the DjangoCon sprints complained after it's been integrated. Your comment will be more helpful with a traceback.

ambv replied May 18, 2013

By nobody I also mean our kindly Mr Jenkins:

Maybe I'll try find You tommorow at sprint? :)

ambv replied May 18, 2013

The paths in your log suggest you are trying to run tests against a different copy of Django, installed in your virtualenv. Try the following:

  1. Create a new virtualenv without installing Django in it.
  2. Create a django.pth file in the virtualenv's site-packages with the path /home/lechup/github/django/ in it.
  3. Run tests again.

Also, do you know of a concept called pastebin? :neckbeard: GitHub has gist for instance.

Thanks for pointers, actually /home/lechup/.virtualenvs/django-sprint/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/ is a symlink to /home/lechup/github/django/django/ .

I'll try that .pth thing, but I think it is not the case.

PS: Pastebin? I though about it but to late (when I've already seen big letters)... Thanks for pointing this out. 👍

naftulikay and others added some commits Mar 13, 2013

Awesome! Great work!


I've added a comment to the ticket. Could you open a new PR if you could address those issues? Thanks!

@timgraham timgraham closed this Sep 3, 2013
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