Fixed #19434 -- added support for extra_select fields in add_filter #735

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fhahn commented Feb 18, 2013

patch for ticket 19434

jezdez and others added some commits Jul 31, 2013

@jezdez jezdez Merge pull request #1416 from thirstydigital/tickets/20819-staticfile…

Fixed #20819 -- Return 404 instead of 500 error when ``staticfiles`` vie...
@ArcTanSusan @timgraham ArcTanSusan Added a test for AdminSite.app_index_template; refs #8498. ccf8f1e
@ArcTanSusan @timgraham ArcTanSusan Fixed #20779 -- Documented AdminSite.app_index_template; refs #8498.
Thanks CollinAnderson for the report.
@timgraham timgraham Fixed some ReST errors; refs #20819. 4d8ecbd
@webjunkie @timgraham webjunkie Fixed #20793 -- Added Last-Modified header to sitemaps. 8f5533a
@akaariai Tai Lee Fixed #20348 -- Consistently handle Promise objects in model fields.
All Promise objects were passed to force_text() deep in ORM query code.
Not only does this make it difficult or impossible for developers to
prevent or alter this behaviour, but it is also wrong for non-text

This commit changes `Field.get_prep_value()` from a no-op to one that
resolved Promise objects. All subclasses now call super() method first
to ensure that they have a real value to work with.
@akaariai akaariai Added field.attname to Options.name_map
The change also removed allow_explicit_fk from sql/
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #11521 -- usage of field.attname in .update()
Fixed already by previous patch, only test added.
@timgraham timgraham Added a bugfix in docutils 0.11 -- docs will now build properly. a3a59a3
@fhahn @akaariai fhahn Fixed #15624 -- Made sure aggregations are present in SELECT e888a9b
@loic @timgraham loic Fixed #20826 -- Moved Manager.raw() and Manager._insert() to the Quer…
…ySet class.
@timgraham Will Hardy Fixed #19987 -- Disabled host validation when DEBUG=True.
The documentation promises that host validation is disabled when
DEBUG=True, that all hostnames are accepted. Domains not compliant with
RFC 1034/1035 were however being validated, this validation has now been
removed when DEBUG=True.

Additionally, when DEBUG=False a more detailed SuspiciousOperation
exception message is provided when host validation fails because the
hostname is not RFC 1034/1035 compliant.
@fhahn fhahn Fixed #19434 -- added support for extra_select fields in add_filter d5794e2

timgraham commented Feb 8, 2014

This PR needs to be reworked so it doesn't include unrelated commits (caused by when someone accidentally force pushed to (django/django)).

timgraham closed this Feb 8, 2014


fhahn commented Feb 12, 2014

I've updated the patch to work with the current master. But the recent changes to the build_filter method made this patch quite difficult, because it seems like in order to convert the lookup a column and a field is needed. The relevant commit can be found in my fork: fhahn/django@5c34d6f

fhahn deleted the fhahn:ticket_19434 branch Feb 12, 2014

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