Fix #20211: Document backwards-incompatible change in BoundField.label_tag. #997

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bmispelon commented Apr 6, 2013

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@claudep claudep commented on the diff Apr 11, 2013

@@ -519,7 +519,7 @@ def label_tag(self, contents=None, attrs=None):
If attrs are given, they're used as HTML attributes on the <label> tag.
- contents = contents or conditional_escape(self.label)
+ contents = contents or self.label

claudep Apr 11, 2013


What about if id_: being False (below). Might the label be marked safe without being escaped?


bmispelon Apr 11, 2013


Good catch, that's indeed the case.

However, the original version still has an issue if id_ is False, since it will mark anything passed as content safe.

I see two ways to fix this:

  1. We can either apply conditional_escape to contents after this line, but the double-escaping of lazy strings would kick in (#20221).

  2. Another option would be to add an else clause to the if id_: clause and apply conditional_escape there.

bmispelon closed this Apr 17, 2013

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