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PostgreSQL HStore support for Django.
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Use dict.get() method to determine if GEODJANGO_INSTALLED is True


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You need dynamic columns in your tables. What do you do?

  • Create lots of tables to handle it. Nice, now you’ll need more models and lots of additional sqls. Insertion and selection will be slow as hell.
  • Use a noSQL database just for this issue. Good luck.
  • Create a serialized column. Nice, insertion will be fine, and reading data from a record too. But, what if you have a condition in your select that includes serialized data? Yeah, regular expressions.

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Projects using this package

  • django-rest-framework-hstore: django-rest-framework tools for django-hstore
  • Nodeshot: extensible django web application for management of community-led georeferenced data - some features of django-hstore, like the schema-mode have been developed for this project
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