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require 'rubygems'
require 'rbconfig' do |spec| = 'sys-proctable'
spec.version = '0.9.1' = 'Daniel J. Berger'
spec.license = 'Artistic 2.0' = ''
spec.homepage = ''
spec.platform = Gem::Platform::CURRENT # Probably altered by Rake task
spec.summary = 'An interface for providing process table information'
spec.test_files = ['test/test_sys_proctable_all.rb']
# Additional files for your platform are added by the 'rake gem' task.
spec.files = [
spec.rubyforge_project = 'sysutils'
spec.extra_rdoc_files = ['CHANGES', 'README', 'MANIFEST', 'doc/top.txt']
spec.add_development_dependency('test-unit', '>= 2.1.2')
spec.description = <<-EOF
The sys-proctable library provides an interface for gathering information
about processes on your system, i.e. the process table. Most major
platforms are supported and, while different platforms may return
different information, the external interface is identical across
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