Python library for working with CouchDB
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CouchDB-Python Library

A Python library for working with CouchDB. Downloads are available via PyPI. Our documentation is also hosted there. We have a mailing list.

This package currently encompasses four primary modules:

  • couchdb.client: the basic client library
  • management of design documents
  • couchdb.mapping: a higher-level API for mapping between CouchDB documents and Python objects
  • couchdb.view: a CouchDB view server that allows writing view functions in Python

It also provides a couple of command-line tools:

  • couchdb-dump: writes a snapshot of a CouchDB database (including documents, attachments, and design documents) to MIME multipart file
  • couchdb-load: reads a MIME multipart file as generated by couchdb-dump and loads all the documents, attachments, and design documents into a CouchDB database
  • couchdb-replicate: can be used as an update-notification script to trigger replication between databases when data is changed


  • simplejson (or Python >= 2.6, which comes with a simplejson-based JSON module in the standard library)
  • Python 2.6 or later
  • CouchDB 0.10.x or later (0.9.x should probably work, as well)