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mu4e~main-action-str broken for non-alphanumeric keys #342

wasamasa opened this Issue Jan 7, 2014 · 6 comments

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wasamasa commented Jan 7, 2014

I've remapped the search in the main view from the key s to /. Because the main view is kind of hardcoded, I've hacked around to replace the line \t* enter a [s]earch query\n with \t* [/] enter a search query\n. The replacement itself works fine, however neither the / gets propertized nor the clickable area is set correctly. Judging from the defun of mu4e~main-action-str it is looking for word boundaries, can it be patched to use other ascii glyphs (with the exception of brackets obviously), too?

djcb commented Jan 12, 2014

I've changed it a bit, now you should be able to use non-alphanum characters there


The code looks correct so far from the approach, but the regexp does no longer match anything. I've tested a bit and replacing \\[\\(\\.\\)\\] with \\[\\(.\\)\\] seems to do the trick. Can you verify this?

djcb commented Jan 25, 2014

Hmmm.... it seems indeed that the regexp was incorrect -- but it worked for me, somehow. Anyway, I have updated the code.


That regexp does the face matching, the other part of the issue is that the mouse-over face doesn't extend correctly because it's looking for \\w. I've used another regex which extends the mouse-over to include the opening bracket this way, maybe you can include that, too?


I'm not sure if this is related, but my mu4e main buffer looks like:

* mu4e - mu for emacs version C


    * [*]ump to some maildir
    * enter a [*]earch query
    * [*]ompose a new message


    * [* ] Unread messages
    * [* ] Today's messages
    * [* ] Last 7 days
    * [* ] Messages with images


    * [*]pdate email & database

    * [*]bout mu4e
    * [*]elp
    * [*]uit

Any idea what might be causing this?

djcb commented Dec 13, 2014

There was some interaction between some versions of emacs / mu4e which triggered this... however, it works fine if you upgrade your mu4e to a later version.

@djcb djcb closed this Dec 13, 2014
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