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FabFlee is a plugin for automated Flee-based simulations. It provides an environment to construct, modify and execute simulations as a single run or ensemble runs. FabFlee aims to predict the distribution of incoming refugees across destination camps under a range of different policy situations.


Simply type fab localhost install_plugin:FabFlee anywhere inside your FabSim3 to install FabFlee directory.

Explanation of files

  • - main file containing various command implementations.
  • templates/flee - template file for running the Flee command on the local and remote machine.
  • conflict_data/<conflict_name> - directory containing base conflict scenarios, such as ABC - an example conflict, CAR - Central African Republic and SSudan - South Sudan. Each conflict directory consists of source data and input files.

Working with FabFlee

The main tutorial for the VECMAtk release can be found in