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ccminer lyra2re edition

Based on Christian Buchner's & Christian H.'s CUDA project based on the Fork by tpruvot@github with X14,X15,X17,WHIRL,Blake256 and LYRA2 support , and some others, check the README.txt Based on sp-hash@github and KlausT@github fork

djm34: BTC donation address: 1NENYmxwZGHsKFmyjTc5WferTn5VTFb7Ze

A part of the recent algos were originally wrote by djm34.

This variant was tested and built on Linux (ubuntu server 14.04) and VStudio 2013 on Windows 8.1

Note that the x86 releases are generally faster than x64 ones on Windows.

About source code dependencies

This project requires some libraries to be built :

  • OpenSSL (prebuilt for win)

  • Curl (prebuilt for win)

  • pthreads (prebuilt for win)

The tree now contains recent prebuilt openssl and curl .lib for both x86 and x64 platforms (windows).

To rebuild them, you need to clone this repository and its submodules : git clone compat/curl-for-windows

There is also a Tutorial for windows on CudaMining website.