Library routines for creating firmware for the Cypress FX2 (CY7C68013 and variants) with SDCC
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Before building this library, you need have sdcc installed and in your path.

To build this library, run make

> make

This produces lib/fx2.lib.  You can also run make in the lib folder.

You can also build the documentation if you have doxygen installed.

> make docs

** Firmware framework Quickstart

> cd fw
> make

You can copy the fw directory to your own directory and customize it as needed.

** More custom firmware

To use routines included with this library in your own firmware,
add the include files to your include path and the lib file to your compile command:

> sdcc -mmcs51 -I<path to includes> <your c file> fx2.lib -L <path to fx2.lib dir>

fx2lib also includes an example program for loading firmware onto your device. 
See examples/fx2.

Comments, Patches, all welcome.

 Dennis Muhlestein
 Ubixum, Inc
 Steve Calfee
 Sven Schnelle
 Tim 'mithro' Ansell